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  • Shotaro Yoshino

WDA “Dirt Restaurant” exhibit at Ichihara Art x Mix, April 8 – May 14

Dirt Restaurant

World Dirt Association (WDA): Yoshitaka Nanjo, James Jack & Shotaro Yoshino

April 8 – May 14, 2017 Ichihara Art x Mix 2017

The three artists who form World Dirt Association will collect dirt samples as well as stories about dirt from where they live. For Ichihara, a “tasting room” as well as a “kitchen” will provide two unique experiences. The shape, color, fragrance and taste (based on smell) will be linked with stories concerning dirt in the kitchen to create fresh experiences of the land we live on. Why don’t you try a new experience of dirt here with us?

IAAES [Former Satomi Elementary School] Chiba Prefecture Ichihara Art x Mix 2017 [Japanese]



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