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Shotaro Yoshino has bone in Tokyo. Completed MA course in sculpture at Tokyo Zokei University. He works as an assistant at Saitama University of Education.
He has exhibited in galleries, museums and alternative art spaces in Korea “Busan International Environment Art Festival", Japan Branch Representative”, Russia “the East and the East”, France "echangeur22", and Japan “NO MANS LAND at French Embassy of Japan”. His work reveals unseen memories of a place by literally pulling them up from the ground, sensitively exposing memories of the earth. This body of art works “Memory of the ground” includes society’s memory of the earth, provoking viewers to contemplate the effect of humans on nature. Shotaro’s work contemplates the relationship of people and places, bringing this connection into everyday consciousness.

The act of lifting up the ground in Yoshino’s work embodies the evocation of ‘a social memory of a land’. The grounds he represents are the layers of time, and his works represent the accumulated memories which have become invisible as time goes by tenderly awakening them. His works which integrate a memory of a land explore the site-specific experience of a man with the engagement of its viewers.

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